Look What I Did!

With all of the snowdays we have had lately, I have been getting a lot of my projects done around the house. That includes giving new life to some of the free furniture we have. I started with this-reupholstering a chair I got from my sis:

And then decided to tackle repainting all of our free mismatched bedroom furniture. The headboard my mom found on the side of the road went from this:

 To this!

And our dressers finally match. New paint, new hardware…and our room no longer looks like a college dorm. Now, when we get all of the wallpaper down and everything revamped upstairs it will be incredible!

Not bad for about a $20 project, eh?


MM: Chasing pavement

Today I will lace up my running shoes, yet again, and give this another gung-ho effort. I have not run in 6 weeks, since the snow and cold temps hit. But it’s warming up again, and it’s time for me to get my butt in gear!

Who’s with me?!?


MM: I think I lost 10 pounds this weekend.

Not really, but I should have. This post really has nothing to do with weight loss. At all. Except that I probably peed my pants.

Well the hot gossip around the farm today is how I just had the most traumatic weekend of my life. Short of someone dying, or a major medical event, it was the most horrific thing I have ever been through. Seriously. Shortly after we moved in, we realized that there was a swarm of bees living in the eaves at the top of our roof. No biggie, my husbands’ a bee keeper, right? Well, he called around and everyone said that if they aren’t getting in the house (which they weren’t) to leave them until late winter, cause then they are hibernating and you can get them out easier. Cool. So, here we are in late winter, and on Saturday Mr. M says that he thinks we should get the bees out. It was a nicer day, so we wouldn’t freeze or anything, and the bees were still in “hibernation.” Cool. So, we get out our big ladders, and remove the boards where we suspect the bees to be. They are not there. Crap. So we continue to saw off the side of our house, and we finally find the HUGE comb where they are living in the side of our house. It’s probably a 5 foot by 5 foot span. And, when Mr. M took of the chunk of siding it RAINED BEES ON MY HEAD. Like, 2,000 bees. I cried. Not lying, I bawled like a baby. (We were, by the way, wearing protective bee gear. That didn’t keep me from being very, very scared.) We decided to be done for the day (this took about 5 hours) and called it quits until Sunday.

Sunday morning we headed out at about 8am. We hacked away at the comb, putting it into one of Mr. M’s hives. It was three combs thick in that space. The bees were not happy, nor were they hibernating any more. After we got it all out, and cleaned the inside wall of the house, we had to reassemble everything and bee proof it so that they couldn’t get back in. I had to stand on a ladder with bees swarming around my head and try to nail boards back to the house. I don’t like ladders or bees. Enter mental breakdown #2. I was standing on the ladder holding a board above my head, bees in my face, scared to death, sobbing. Andy was on the other ladder, and he’s telling me to just drop the board and get down, it’s okay, and I DID IT ANYWAYS. Because I am superwoman. Just kidding. But I felt like it. I don’t think I convey to you just how scared I was. It was insane.

The moral of the story is that I took a sick day today to recover from my mental trauma. Happy Valentine’s Day.

(And you can laugh a little at my pain. It’s fine.)


WWW: Electrify Me!

I want/need someone to re-wire my house! Actually, I think my husband is going to do it with the help of an expert friend. Our thisoldhouse has the knob and tube wiring (similar to the above pic) in the upstairs half. Lucky for us, the people before is redid the bottom half with the kitchen and the bathrooms. This should make it much easier. But I think within the next month or so Mr. M is going to take on the electrical system. We’re hoping, all said and done, that we can get by with this costing less then $400. And then we can start the remodel of the upstairs bedrooms.

I’ll let you know who wins!


MM: Old habits die hard

I finally got my eating back in check last week. Way more green things and vegetables made an appearance on my plate. And I am down a pound this week, thanks to that.

I am sad to report that I logged absolutely no “real” exercise, due to the sub-zero temps and total 10 inches of snow we got.

However, I did spend my 3 snow days inside painting furniture, organizing and cleaning, which was a work out all on its own, and kept me from making the cookies I really, really wanted. So that was good. I did make some yummy granola, and I will post the recipe soon.

Another week, another chance to be even healthier!


Living on the cheap

We had 3 snow days this week. 3. It was insane, to say the least, because it was too cold to go outside, and too slick and snowy to go anywhere. So I stayed inside and caught up on some much needed house time.

Have paint brush, will travel. Or paint. Whatever. Give me a $5 gallon of oops paint and some free furniture, and I am a happy girl. I love to paint stuff. Walls, furniture, whatever.

I realized that almost all of the furniture in my house was given to us for free. And I am totally okay with that. Not that I don’t dream of having some gorgeous matching furniture like this from Pottery Barn:

It’s just not in the cards right now. So instead, I painted all of my free furniture the same color, and tonight I will go buy knobs at the hardware store that match and at the very least I will finally have furniture that is all the same color!

Pictures to come of the before and after.


WWW: Peace

Today I just want some peace in my heart. It has been a rough week, school has been crazy and I just want to be able to breathe, stop, take in these moments and enjoy my life. Hope you all can do that as well!