WWW: I have found my calling.

See those cute pictures? They are going to go in my guest bedroom when it’s done. AND I MADE THEM. Serious. On the greatest, most glorious new machine known to man. A Cricut.

Our library got a Cricut through inter-library loan (I didn’t know this was possible, but it is) and my friend and I decided to go try it out. We scrapbook, we make cards, we like crafty things. It was addictive really cool. I wish they could have had it for a really long time, but alas, we had to part. But not before I cut out about everything I could think of.

So what do I want on this Wednesday. A Cricut, of course. Someday!

1 thought on “WWW: I have found my calling.”

  1. You are a rock star. Those cards are adorable. I am excited to see what you put in your granola when you post the recipe. Your furniture looks great! How is the running going? Love you!

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